The Last Performance [dot org] @ Haus Der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

International Festival of Performing Arts
June 11 - 22

A dot matrix printer mounted 15 feet high on a column prints visualized output from The Last Perfomance [dot org]'s RSS feed, creating an accumulating architectural structure in the foyer of the building. Writings submitted to the project during the time of the installation are therefore driving this construction in the physical environment.

In the center of the space, a circular reading and writing station encourages live interaction with the work. On the floor, six text pathways representing the project's writing constraints extend in six directions away from this central point.

A large format printed text pattern visualizing all uses of the word 'last' in the project is mounted on a nearby wall.

For other recent/current/upcoming last performance events, see: http://judisdaid.com/events.php

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