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listen carefully work or leisure on the other side of the ocean do you speak english there is a suitcase under your chair with everything you will need no symbol of failure your imagined reader horizontal lines open spaces light the lights perception and logic and syntax and heartbeat and breath everything old becomes new again a body a book a building

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What we remember tumbles from language. The time I lived without words is without memory. Perhaps architecture, not having language or words as our bodies do, remembers nothing and thus it accepts everything. Stone and wood remember the shape given to them by human hands. Of course these shapes can be remodeled or remembered, but then, without words they live in the new present and there is no need for memory. All who cross their thresholds are welcome.

Memory belongs to the world of linear time. Timelessness has little need for memory. Memory is not necessary for the architecture to stand. Each moment is all moments. It’s shape carved by the hand stays the same. Now and then. It was built then, it remans now. The human who carved it may be remembered by the shape of the stone but that sinew is not living now.

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