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listen carefully work or leisure on the other side of the ocean do you speak english there is a suitcase under your chair with everything you will need no symbol of failure your imagined reader horizontal lines open spaces light the lights perception and logic and syntax and heartbeat and breath everything old becomes new again a body a book a building

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to all of me: I to I to I

I, not I, shivering as the metronomes arrived and moving as if that weight growing inside cursed the wind, speak to Francis. ‘That double knot caused by the fibres in your back and against the edges of the way feel small’. But as a saint I use my way, because with that way I told them how the way is.

My head pauses, the contents allowed to flex, the large words simply puff-puffing across that memory of the way of our perfection. For I have the terror. What if I, and from the, and for it and to a, I or, from a... The sound of the bridge loudly bouncing, unreliable, in the morning storm, must fall back to the moment when you brought the shoes together to perform triangle points for the people. ‘And was writing easy, wireless, present? And did it never fly from you?’

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I am the book of my part
If you want to know what to do to perform my part you must look at me.

Like the contents of a book memorized so that when Fahrenheit reaches 451° and the book is destroyed, the contents survive in the body of memory, the person who remembers it, my part resides here, I am the book.

When I am in the process of memorizing when I am impressing my mind with the patterns and talk, the numbers and pauses, the lift and direction, the contents both understood and believed, and unconscious but felt, all that is allowed, I am the book of my part. I am remembering not just the way I will walk but why and how this started and how it was different once. I am remembering the large parts: the speeches following words of those long dead we are bringing back to the conversation, and the small things: the point at which I must remember to undo the double knot in my shoe.

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